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Here is an in-depth guide about one of the best software available for making impeccable websites and applications- MEAN. The world of web development demands staying updated with the technology trends to create solutions that can provide a seamless user experience. This article is for non-tech founders who can learn about MEAN. By the end of this article, you will know about the features, architecture and benefits of MEAN along with how to get started and whom to hire to get your website developed with the MEAN stack. Let's begin!

To begin with the basics, MEAN is an open-source and free JavaScript software stack that helps you in building dynamic web applications and websites. This highly popular toolkit is a collection of JavaScript technologies with flawless functionality for both front-end and back-end websites and web applications.

In easier language, MEAN is the best way to develop fast and robust applications as it is a full-stack development toolkit.

What does MEAN Stack stand for?

MEAN consists of 4 technologies.

MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS and NodeJS. It has derived the name from these four developing technologies.

Let us understand each of them one by one:

  1. MongoDB: Utilizing the model of document-orientation data, MongoDB is a cross-platform database. MongoDB is constructed on the architecture of documents and collections. It is beneficial as managing large size tables with huge amounts of data is easier. 

  1. ExpressJS: This is a modular web application framework package for NodeJS with qualities like flexibility. This lightweight server framework is designed for building single, multi-page and hybrid web applications.

  1. AngularJS: AngularJS is a structural framework offering HTML as a template language. It eliminates the need of writing a large portion of code with its dependency injection and data binding features. 

  1. NodeJS: Node.js is the cross-platform application runtime that the MEAN stack runs on. Referred as ‘Everywhere JavaScript’, NodeJS allows the programmers to deploy JavaScript for scripting on the client-side as well as the server-side and create data-intensive real-time apps. 

Now that you are aware of all the four technologies used along with their top functionalities and features, let's move ahead. 

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Understanding MEAN Stack architecture

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Take a look at the primary functions of all the components included in MEAN Stack step by step:

  1. AngularJS accepts the requests and further displays them to the client. It includes the ‘Make Request’ and ‘Display Response’ roles.

  2. NodeJS is responsible for handling client and server requests viz. Parse and Return request.

  3. ExpressJS plays the role of making a request to the database and returning a response.

  4. MongoDB is responsible for storing and retrieving data.

MEAN Stack developers work both on the backend as well as frontend of the JavaScript-based applications. 

Let's take a look at why MEAN is such a popular software stack for everyone in the tech industry.

Top 5 reasons why non-tech founders should choose MEAN Stack?

Affordable Choice: It’s no doubt that MEAN is an all in one package! It is also a pocket-friendly option as the non-tech founders don’t have to hire multiple developers. Everything is easily managed in JavaScript. As it is a popular toolkit, finding good JavaScript developers is also easy. It is also easy to understand, learn and implement.

Flexibility guaranteed: MEAN allows you to test an application on a cloud platform once the development is successful. One can easily develop, test, add extra fields in the application and introduce it to any cloud platform. With MongoDB, full cluster support and automatic replication can be achieved which ultimately provides better efficiency and flexibility.

High Speed: The non blocking nature of node.js makes MEAN stack development a high speed choice along. It also offers easy maintenance, reusability along with easy and efficient testing. High speed plays a key role in the existence and growth of any online business. MEAN works as a master with the speed factor that can keep users engaged. 

Less Storage Cost: As MEAN uses MongoDB, the disk space or storage cost is taken care of. As high storage cost can be a major factor for a non-tech founder’s budget, the cloud compatibility available for MEAN can take care of large amounts of data in a hassle free and economical way.

Futuristic Technology: JavaScript is one of the widely used and appreciated languages that has made various small-scale and giant businesses successful. For a non-tech founder who wishes to develop, grow and nurture his online presence, MEAN Stack development works as a futuristic technology. As the same code is used for client as well as on the server side, it is a time saving and convenient option. MEAN is compatible with multiple platforms which makes it open to grabbing opportunities along with a wide range of features. If you wish to build your business and make it bigger for the future, investing in MEAN Stack is a wise choice as like other technologies, MEAN won;t get outdated anytime soon. In fact with the number of MEAN stack developers available, it can easily dominate the tech world.

Perks of choosing MEAN Stack development for SaaS

Customizable, Fast and Fluid- Everyone loves a personalized app that provides a comfortable experience. As MEAN Stack development allows building reliable cross-platform apps with ideal UI, customization is guaranteed. Along with this, the apps perform fast, retrieve data quickly and can be used to get hybrid apps with a native element.

Simple Notifications Receiving- It is a perfect fit for building an ideal application for mobile devices. Receiving notifications can be easy for the clients if the target audience chooses to open the website on their phones.

A Perfect Fit for Interactivity- The user experience is fun and interactive with apps built using this framework. An interactive application is all a user needs to get converted into a loyal customer.

Great Source of Traffic generation- Mobile phones are more prominently used by users for surfing rather than laptops or desktops. More than 50% of traffic on websites comes from mobile devices Hence having MEAN Stack development is beneficial for organic traffic generation.

Uniformity with JSON: The job of interchanging data on all layers is done with JSON in MEAN stack development. Hence it flawlessly works as an application programming interface(API) as one can use libraries for data conversion during server-client interactions. 

Perks of choosing MEAN Stack development for Web

Using MEAN Stack development for the web is beneficial due to the following reasons:

Quick & Easy to learn: The development process with the MEAN stack is flexible and easy in terms of learning. You can easily work on large projects by understanding the concepts and implementing them during development.

Isomorphic coding: Being one of the learning technologies, MEAN Stack allows isomorphic coding. Transferring code to a specific framework that is already written in a different framework can be done easily. This is beneficial for projects involved in the web as well as application development. 

Quality User Interface: As MEAN stack development supports MVC (Model View Controller), it delivers a top-notch and attractive interface.

A library full of options: Multiple variant modules of JavaScript makes building web applications easier. This comes from the enormous library offered by Node.js.

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MEAN entered the world of technology as a blessing in disguise. When tech experts started to use MEAN for web and application development, the true power and ease involved in it got unrevealed. It is used by some of the top companies in the world including YouTube, Walmart, Accenture and Fiverr. As promised at the beginning of the article, we have now made you aware of all the features and benefits of MEAN and why you should choose it. No matter if you are a big company or a start-up, MEAN will make your work easier. Get onboard with StrideBiz now!